The Binding Cloth

Baby it’s just too tight. 

Those jeans you’re trying to squeeze your ass into. 

That shirt you can barely button

Honey, you can’t even breathe. 

Why do you continually insist on wearing outdated versions of yourself. 

Stuff from way back when

The things you thought you looked so damn good in. 

That front you put on

That denim amour that kept you safe for a time. 

That shit is old. 

You’re a grown ass woman now. 

Of course you’re ass doesn’t fit in that. 

That bullshit facade that you hid behind

Those are for young ladies who don’t quite know themselves. 

You’ve been places

You’ve seen things 

You are such a bad ass your amour is skin deep

So no clothes required. 

Walk out into the world as you came in

Free of the binding of others

With open heart and open mind. 


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