Steer Tailing


A weird assignment. I had to go shoot a “birthday party” which was also a rodeo. Steer tailing is when you try to flip over a steer by the tail while you’re on horse back. It’s apparently popular event in Mexico but some Minnesota counties and other states have banned it.

This event took place on private property. The poor family who neighbors this property generally had to deal with loud music until the wee hours as well as watch these cowboys repeatedly pull on these steers tails. They called some animal rights activists and the Star Tribune.

The folks who enjoy doing this said that this is a part of their culture and tradition and to ban it is discriminatory.  Is it any different and any other rodeo event? There were tons of kids  who were watching and if they were old enough they were participating.


After spending a bit of time there I was able to get closer to the action. It was interesting watching how they released steers. There was one big guy who looked like he was in charge. He was the one who held the steers back in the pen and then would pull the gate open to let them through. Right by the pen was a rather large bottle of tequilla and a few cans on beer. there was also a gaggle of young men watching the action from backstage and occasionally helping.


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