Bare bulb in the basement

Swinging string

The slow controlled exhale of breath

My clenched fist paces the floor

Eyes narrowed


Flashes of images pass by my personal tv screen

Rage moves through me so fast I don’t remember hitting that bag

Barely under control

Scary to witness

This anger is only reserved for the absolute screw ups 

Those who  weave in the art of carelessness 

Who paint in stupidity 

Who chip away at trust

Who mold forgetfulness 

Who can barely see beyond the mess that they are creating 

This volcanic heat is just that. 


But only for time. Just until the rocks have time to settle. 

Then it’s unleashed 

The temperature is unbareable 

Today the rage is palpable 

Goosebumps on my skin

I’m shaking

There is only one culpable party

It has to be me. 

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